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Rescued Whale

Many visitors come to La Paz to see whales, some of them might even touch them; but very few can ever say that they participated in saving a beached gray whale, estimated at 35 feet! On April 8th, 2010 residents, guests and environmentalists from PROFEPA* were trying to to get the whale off the sand in front of Paraiso del Mar casas. It was not until the tide came up mid afternoon that relief efforts were successful. Small boats assured that the whale swam out to sea and did not return back to the beach.

Did you know that you can swim with whale sharks right off the beach at Paraiso?! The whale sharks are the largest fish on earth measuring up to 50 feet and 10 tons. They are harmless to humans, feeding on plankton with an open mouth, vacuuming its food from the water. Paraiso del Mar enjoys a unique location in front of the area where many of whale sharks feed on of the plankton and algae. They can be found in shallow waters 400-500 yards from the beach in front of the casas and for about 3 miles west. Go look for them when the water is smooth and watch for a dark shape near the surface. Many Paraiso owners and guests have had the fun of kayaking right next to them and some have snorkeled with them too. If you get the chance to paddle around or swim with these gentle giants it will be a thrill of your lifetime!

*PROFEPA, stands for, Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente and is Mexico’s Federal Agency of Environmental Protection.

Whale rescued in front of Paraiso del Mar casas  Whale rescued in front of Paraiso del Mar casas  Swimming with whale shark

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