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Weather in Paraiso del Mar

The climate of La Paz is typically dry, warm and sunny, with over 300 days of sunshine annually. Summer months (July-September) are often in the 30C’s(90F’s). The winter months (December-February) are the coolest with temperatures sometimes dropping below 15C(60F), but mostly in the low 20’sC(68-75F).

If you come to La Paz in summer, be prepared to the heat. It can be burning hot during the day in the city, where the buildings obstruct the winds and the stone and asphalt get really hot. The cooling Coromuel winds, a weather phenomenon unique to the La Paz area, blow during the night from the Pacific over the Peninsula and into the Bay of La Paz.

The summer is much cooler in Paraiso del Mar, because of its unique location on El Mogote peninsula surrounded by water. The weather widget on the right shows temperatures in La Paz Airport. But summer temperatures in Paraiso del Mar can be several degrees cooler. Breezes from Bahia de La Paz keep the temperatures mild.

During the hurricane season, the bay (Bahia de La Paz) acts as a barrier against seasonal storms in the Sea of Cortez. Rainfall is minimal, although infrequent downpours can bring heavy rains. It gets humid during the rainfalls. Though the hurricane season is officially from June to November, most of the rains fall during August – October.