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Essential Packing List

Call a couple of places in advance:

[ ] Call you credit card company and let them know the dates you’ll be in Mexico, so they will not freeze your credit card transactions.

[ ] Call your cell phone provider to inquire your cell phone can roam in Mexico, to verify rates, and to see if they have plans with cheaper calls.

Things that are absolutely necessary or highly recommended when traveling to Mexico

[ ] Passport

[ ] Airplane Tickets

[ ] Travel Insurance

[ ] Hotel or Condo Confirmation/Itinerary

[ ] Rental car confirmation

[ ] Wallet

[ ] Cash – you might want to get some $1 and $5 bills to pay for taxis, if you don’t rent a car

[ ] Your Medications – you can also make copies of your prescriptions and take with you

[ ] Vaccination Certificate

[ ] Sunscreen – you can buy it in bulk in Costco. You will need plenty of it, especially in summer.

[ ] Sunglasses – protect you eyes, it’s a lot of sunshine in Mexico!

[ ] Antibiotic ointment – single-use packages are available in drug stores, so you can always keep one or two in your wallet. I would treat any cut or scratch right away just in case.

[ ] Band-Aids – slip several in your wallet.

[ ] Dramamine – you might need it in a boat or on a bus.

[ ] Wind jacket and/or sweater even in summer – it might get chilly on a boat after a swim. If you take a ride in a bus, it’s not uncommon that the A/C is set on high and is running continuously.

[ ] Your cell phone (make sure it can roam in Mexico)